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BAUER Güllemixer MTXH-L Turbomix
Villers-Les-Ormes in France

The BAUER Lagoon Mixer in the heart of France

French company Listech has been a dealer of Bauer slurry tech­nol­o­gy and man­u­fac­tur­er of umbil­i­cal systems for many years. Listech showed Growing News how the Bauer Lagoon Mixer is used in a biogas plant.

In Villers-Les-Ormes, a 460-strong com­mu­ni­ty in the depart­ment Indre in central France, we meet Fréder­ic Lagenette, who, as oper­a­tions manager of the Ceres machine com­mu­ni­ty (French: CUMA), manages an area of around 3,000 hectares. Fur­ther­more he is also respon­si­ble for diges­tate man­age­ment of the company Méthavert who oper­ates a biogas plant pro­duc­ing 15,000 cubic meters of diges­tate per year.

We follow the oper­a­tions manager to one of the lagoons where the diges­tate is stored to see their Bauer MTXH‑L mixer in action, bought on the advice of Bauer dealer Listech. The mixer plays an impor­tant role in spread­ing the diges­tate. Because only if the medium is pre­pared accord­ing­ly and the surface crust and the liquid form a homo­ge­neous mass the diges­tate can be spread onto the fields with the umbil­i­cal system without any problems.

BAUER Güllemixer MTXH-L Turbomix
Pow­er­ful and strong

Optimal posi­tion

Driven by a tractor, the seven meter long mixer is put into oper­a­tion and slowly lowered into the 5,000 cubic meter lagoon. In com­bi­na­tion with the tractor’s lifting mech­a­nism and a hydraulic upper linkage, the optimal posi­tion of the agi­ta­tor rod in the lagoon can be easily adjust­ed from the driver’s seat. First, the diges­tate is mixed on the surface for a few hours. After that, the mixer is lowered to stir the liquid at the bottom of the lagoon. The Bauer MTXH‑L mixer can be used at a speed of up to 1,000 rpm (in this case however, Listech rec­om­mends 600 to 700 rpm).

To ensure that the entire lagoon is mixed, the mixer is used at dif­fer­ent points. “It is impor­tant to start the mixer 24 hours before the start of spread­ing and to keep it running during this time so that the diges­tate is opti­mal­ly mixed and can be easily spread onto the fields with the umbil­i­cal system,” says Lagenette. After use, the mixer only needs to be washed and greased.


BAUER Güllemixer MTXH-L Turbomix
Perfect cutting performance


Designed for an output power of up to 250 HP (180 KW) at 1,000 rev­o­lu­tions per minute at the PTO shaft, the mixer pro­duces a homog­e­nized, easy-to-spread natural fer­til­iz­er. The mixer con­sists of: lifting frame, agi­ta­tor rod, agi­ta­tor head with agi­ta­tor blades and pro­tec­tive bar as well as a stable framework.


  • Easy to use – espe­cial­ly in one-man-operation
  • Minimal power require­ment: The lagoon mixer con­verts very effi­cient­ly drive power into pres­sure thrust.
  • The mixing- and cutting per­for­mance of the Bauer mixing blades has been opti­mized for use in liquids con­tain­ing solid matter or surface scum.
  • The special design of the guard-ring increas­es the cutting per­for­mance of the mixer. It not only pro­tects the razor-sharp mixing blades from damage in narrow pits and during trans­porta­tion, but also serves to prevent accidents.
  • The Lagoon slurry mixer is avail­able in lengths of 7, 8, 9 or 10 metres. The mixing blades with a 20 mm larger diam­e­ter allow them to achieve up to 50 percent higher performance.