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Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5
Gratwein in Austria

BAUER pumps for the wood industry 

To produce fine veneers, wood must be gently cooked at high tem­per­a­tures. In the veneer factory Merkscha near Graz, the arising hot waste water is used sus­tain­ably for heating pur­pos­es. A LEC-HD long shaft pump from BAUER plays an impor­tant role in this process.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

Veneers are con­sid­ered the finest thing that can be made from wood. The 0.5 to 8mm thin sheets of wood, which are sep­a­rat­ed from the trunk by various sawing and cutting process­es, embell­ish fur­ni­ture, doors or even musical instru­ments. The pro­duc­tion of high-quality veneers requires exper­tise, care and pre­ci­sion. And — as in the veneer factory Merkscha — the ser­vices of a Magnum long-shaft pump LEC-HD 11kW from BAUER.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

High-tem­per­a­ture waste water arises during the pro­duc­tion of veneers, because the fine sheets of wood have to be care­ful­ly boiled before they are planed and sliced. For a long time, the veneer factory was looking for a suit­able pump that firstly with­stands the 70–80°C hot waste­water and sec­ond­ly can pump the medium up from a depth of five meters. The ideal solu­tion was finally found with the BAUER LEC pump: the Magnum pump first cuts the wood residues in the water and then pumps the hot medium to a silo. A large part of the waste water is used sus­tain­ably as an energy source — thanks to a heating coil inside the silo, heat is gen­er­at­ed for the in-house heating system. The rest of the dirty water is grad­u­al­ly pumped into several pits to cool down. Only when a certain tem­per­a­ture has been reached can the waste water be pumped into the sewer. A sep­a­rate control system has been designed in the veneer factory for precise control. In this way, the current tem­per­a­ture of the water can be deter­mined to the minute.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

Bauer long shaft pump LEC-HD 11/5

Impeller 230

Flow 40–300m³/h

Height 4–15m

Per­for­mance 8,5–11 kW

Rota­tions 1475/min

With cutting device and chrome steel impeller