Bauer Beregnung Pivot
Gärds Köpinge in Sweden

Bauer Pivots with­stand the hot Scan­di­na­vian summer

Pre­vi­ous­ly, pivot and linear systems were few and far between in Scan­di­navia. However, due to the excep­tion­al­ly hot summers in recent years, low-pres­sure irri­ga­tion has also become an increas­ing­ly impor­tant topic in the north.

The first pivots on Swedish soil came from Bauer. Indeed, we are very proud of that.

Bauer Beregnung Pivot
Water — blue gold

The exactly right dose

During the hot and dry summer 2018, Nicklas Görans­son invest­ed in two Center Pivots for his plant nursery in south­ern Sweden – and they were worth their weight in gold! Görans­son cul­ti­vat­ed 100 hectares of pota­toes, 40 hectares of sugar beets, 20 hectares of onions and 20 hectares of carrots, quickly notic­ing: “The main advan­tage of the Pivot systems is that I can irri­gate with pre­cise­ly dosed quan­ti­ties of water – adapted to the growth phase of the plants, the current soil con­di­tions and the respec­tive weather situation.”

Bauer Beregnung Pivot Corner
Maximum energy efficiency 

Also for smaller farms

Thanks to the use of low-pres­sure-nozzles pivot systems can apply the water very pre­cise­ly and are extreme­ly energy-effi­cient, too. Since Center Pivots pay off already as of 30 hectares for crops that call for low but fre­quent levels of pre­cip­i­ta­tion, these systems also make sense for smaller farms, such as are common in Scandinavia.