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Bauer Beregnung Pivot
Gärds Köpinge in Sweden

Bauer Pivots withstand the hot Scandinavian summer

Previously, pivot and linear systems were few and far between in Scandinavia. However, due to the exceptionally hot summers in recent years, low-pressure irrigation has also become an increasingly important topic in the north.

The first pivots on Swedish soil came from Bauer. Indeed, we are very proud of that.

Bauer Beregnung Pivot
Water - blue gold

The exactly right dose

During the hot and dry summer 2018, Nicklas Göransson invested in two Center Pivots for his plant nursery in southern Sweden – and they were worth their weight in gold! Göransson cultivated 100 hectares of potatoes, 40 hectares of sugar beets, 20 hectares of onions and 20 hectares of carrots, quickly noticing: “The main advantage of the Pivot systems is that I can irrigate with precisely dosed quantities of water – adapted to the growth phase of the plants, the current soil conditions and the respective weather situation.”

Bauer Beregnung Pivot Corner
Maximum energy efficiency

Also for smaller farms

Thanks to the use of low-pressure-nozzles pivot systems can apply the water very precisely and are extremely energy-efficient, too. Since Center Pivots pay off already as of 30 hectares for crops that call for low but frequent levels of precipitation, these systems also make sense for smaller farms, such as are common in Scandinavia.