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In the second largest province of the Philippines

Higher yields through irrigation

The benefits of the BAUER Rainstars are also appreciated on the islands of the Philippines. In the province of Isabela, they have been responsible for significantly increasing yields on the Aurora farm since 2020.

Isabela in the north of the main island of Luzon is the second largest province in the country. There Richard Tan, owner of the farm Aurora Premium Cattle Inc. Farm, decided to purchase three Rainstars T32 during the pandemic period. If the will is strong enough, there is always a way: From the first customer contact to the instructions for installing the machines, everything was successfully handled digitally - under the leadership of Joel Chan, Managing Director of the BAUER dealership Grainsco in Manila.

Aurora Premium Cattle Inc. is home to 1200 cattle - all Brahman (and Brahman crosses) cattle originating from Australia. The farm's owner, Richard Tan, is also President of the Isabela Suerte Rice Mill Corporation, the largest and most modern rice mill in the Philippines. Rice, sugar cane and corn are among the main crops on the island archipelago, where almost half of the area is used for agriculture.

Corn is also grown on the 60 hectare Aurora farm and the three BAUER Rainstars 75-300 T32 are responsible for the irrigation. The soils are mostly sandy and loamy and require a precipitation rate of around 10 to 25mm depending on the growth phase of the plants. The three machines are used for 10-12 consecutive days and run day and night. The Rainstars are fed by the proven BAUER FAMOS water pumps.

Three corn harvests

despite the high temperatures

After the harvest, the corn plant is preserved as silage and fed to the farm's own cattle. three harvests per year are common: one in the dry season (January to March), one in the rainy season (June to October) and one in between. Irrigation is essential, especially for the first two harvests: In the months from January to May it is very dry and hot. Temperatures can often reach 40 degrees Celsius.

The farm operators are now happy about a significant reduction in workload: The Rainstar T32 is more efficient than simple surface irrigation because it can irrigate a larger area in a short time. In addition, it is easy to operate and easy to transport from field to field.

If you ask farm manager Alejandro Charliito what he thinks of the BAUER Rainstars, , he really gets into raptures: "Since we've been using the T-machines, the plants are much stronger and grow more evenly. Yields are up to 40 percent higher than before when we irrigated with flooding.”

Celebrating a great project


Front left to right: Christina Stieber (Austrian trade delegate in Manila), Tess Francisco Flödl (Marketing Officer WKO Manila), Lit M. Ballesteros (Technical Consultant Suerte Group), Farm Manager Alejandro Charliito and Joel Chan (Managing Director of the BAUER dealer Grainsco). In the background: Klaus Ferk, BAUER Sales Director for Asia, New Zealand, Australia

The facts:

  • 3 Rainstars 75-300 T32
  • Irrigated area: 60 ha (10-12 consecutive days, day and night)
  • Precipitation rate: 10-25 mm according to growth phase
  • Flow rate: 32 m³/h
  • Connection pressure: 7 - 9 bar
  • 3 irrigation pumps Famos F III 60