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Kecskemét in Hungary

Where the hot peppers grow

In the Great Hun­gar­i­an Plain, the Univer Group is prepar­ing the soil for peppers, toma­toes, corn and other crops. Many great chal­lenges will be faced here by the irri­ga­tion systems of the Bauer Group. 

The Univer Group has made a name for itself with typical Hun­gar­i­an prod­ucts such as garlic paste with pepper or onion as well as mustard, ketchup, fruit pre­serves and baby food. Founded in 1948 in Kecskemét, Univer is now a major player in the Hun­gar­i­an food indus­try and employ­ees 1300 people in the region. The del­i­ca­cies are not limited to Hun­gar­i­an stores, they are sold all over the world.

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Top quality

Reli­able, effi­cient irrigation

The high-quality ingre­di­ents for Univer prod­ucts orig­i­nate exclu­sive­ly from domes­tic agri­cul­ture. Univer accom­plish­es this by working with a network of several hundred Hun­gar­i­an farmers and pro­duc­ers within an 80-kilo­me­ter radius of Kecskemét (all farms are subject to the strictest pos­si­ble quality con­trols), and most of these part­ner­ships have been in place for decades. It is not uncom­mon to find farmers of the second or third gen­er­a­tion who are still working with Univer, a clear indi­ca­tion of how highly the company values long-term relationships.

Togeth­er with two large farming oper­a­tions, Univer recent­ly founded an orga­ni­za­tion that is entire­ly ded­i­cat­ed to optimal irri­ga­tion of Hun­gar­i­an soils. The Univer Irri­ga­tion Devel­op­ment Con­sor­tium sup­ports the fields in the vicin­i­ty of Kecskemét in order to cap­i­tal­ize on logis­ti­cal advan­tages. The hot summers expe­ri­enced in the Great Hun­gar­i­an Plain make reli­able, effi­cient irri­ga­tion an impor­tant aspect of ensur­ing high yields and product quality. In the year 2020, for example, 1.3 billion Forint was invest­ed in a large-scale project for irri­gat­ing a total of 280 hectares – for which Bauer Hungária sup­plied all the nec­es­sary equipment.

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A fine rain

Fol­low­ing nature’s example

The irri­gat­ed crops include a variety of veg­eta­bles, such as peppers, corn, sun­flow­ers and toma­toes. The toma­toes respond par­tic­u­lar­ly sen­si­tive­ly to improp­er han­dling, making them a major chal­lenge to cul­ti­vate. When it comes to irri­ga­tion, nature offers the best example: the closer the droplets are in size and inten­si­ty to natural rain, the better the water is taken up by the plants. Bauer equip­ment makes it easy to ensure even water dis­tri­b­u­tion with a con­sis­tent droplet size across the entire field. The nozzle size can also be pre­cise­ly adapted to min­i­mize evap­o­ra­tion losses.

Irri­ga­tion is essential

Optimal con­di­tions for the plants

Irri­ga­tion is indis­pens­able in the Great Hun­gar­i­an Plain. The hot air tem­per­a­tures of 35 to 40 °C expe­ri­enced in the summer are very hard on the plants, and that’s before taking account of the dan­ger­ous heat from below: the sandy soils in the region can reach tem­per­a­tures as high as 55 °C!
This makes it tremen­dous­ly impor­tant to cool the ground, which requires a con­tin­u­ous, low-inten­si­ty supply of water. If the water is too cold, it puts stress on the plants. The water, which comes from Tisza 15 kilo­me­ters away, must there­fore be pumped into a giant reser­voir to be warmed up before it can be used for irrigation.

To avoid unnec­es­sary risks, the systems are equipped with weather sta­tions and ground sensors. With this Bauer tech­nol­o­gy, Univer can guar­an­tee optimal con­di­tions for the plants through­out the entire irri­ga­tion season.

The Bauer-Hungária fleet in Hungary

The Univer Irri­ga­tion Devel­op­ment Con­sor­tium is well-sup­plied with Bauer equipment:

  • 3 Lines­tars with hose feed, induc­tion control and ProG control center
  • 5 Pivot Cen­ter­stars, 2 with corner arm and Smart­Touch, all fea­tur­ing SmartRain
  • 2 Rain­stars E21 with boom stand AS 50
  • 2 Rain­stars E41/125–400 with boom stand AS50, which have been in oper­a­tion since 2015

The systems are fully auto­mat­ed with digital control. Thanks to Smar­tRain, the irri­ga­tion progress and machine status can be mon­i­tored from anywhere.