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Brande in Denmark

Danish potato starch is made with Bauer pumps

The world's second largest potato starch manufacturer is located in Jutland. With the popular SX 2600 pumps, production can be carried out reliably and at full speed.

 In Brande - in the center of the Jutland peninsula – there is the Andels-Kartoffelmelsfabrikken Midtjylland Amba, AKM for short. This was founded in 1933 and is one of a total of three production facilities of the Kartoffelmelcentralen, KMC a.m.b.a. The individual factories are independent cooperatives owned by 1,300 farmers across Denmark who deliver their potato crops to the factory. An incredible 1.5 million tons of potatoes are processed on site in Denmark - making KMC the second largest potato starch manufacturer in the world. At AKM itself, approx. 250,000 tons of potatoes are processed into approx. 55,000 tons of potato starch from August to December. 90 percent of the production in Brande is exported to more than 80 countries around the world.

Strong pumps

Potato starch – what for?

In the food industry, potato starch is used as a binding material in many finished products. For example in baked goods such as cakes, but also meat and sausage products, canned vegetables or in animal feed. A small part is used in technology and pharmacy. During the production process, the potatoes are first cleaned and chopped until a pulp is formed. Then the remains of the hard potato peel are removed. Machines press the pulp through a sieve so that the amniotic fluid and potato starch are separated from the rest of the tubers. In the next step, a steamer takes the amniotic fluid from the starch. Finally, the starch is dried again until the fine, white powder has formed.

Powerful and durable

Pumping at full speed 24/7

AKM was looking for powerful pumps that could move large volumes over long distances. In addition, they should be suitable for continuous operation and particularly resistant to abrasion and have a high level of operational reliability.

The experienced Bauer dealer Agrometer from Grindsted - he has been selling the entire product range since the 1970s - offers the best support, prompt spare parts supply and reliable service. Thanks to his commitment, Bauer's SX pumps are particularly popular in Denmark.

Three gear- and pedestal pumps SX 2600 are used at AKM: two SX 2600 with 75 kW motor, one SX 2600 with 90 kW motor.

The dealer Agrometer completes the pumps with frequency control, suitable motors, control cabinet, etc. Two SX 2600 pump the process water that is produced when cleaning the potatoes to a lagoon four kilometres away, where the water is collected. The third pump brings the water from the lagoon three kilometres further to the irrigation machine, which irrigates the collected water until December because it does not freeze in Denmark. The pumps therefore run at full speed 24/7 from August to December.

Delivery rate: 190-200m3 / h

Pressure at the pump: minimum 6 bar