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Vårgårda in Sweden

Plug & Play for an ultra-modern organic farm

The organic farm run by brothers Kristoffer and Tobias Kullingsjö in Vårgårda, Sweden, is perfectly organized and makes use of every available technology. It is therefore only logical that a Plug & Play S855 GB would play a pivotal role here.

The brothers are the third generation to run the farm Kullingsjö Lantbruk AB. With 10 employees and 320 dairy cows, the Kullingsjös produce organic milk, raise 150 pigs and cultivate rape, grains, beans and other crops on 750 hectares. Mobile phones function for them as the ultimate control center: from to-do lists for employees to monitoring the voltage of the electric fence, there is an app for everything. As the brothers consider sustainability to be more than just a buzzword, they also cover 50 percent of their energy needs with their own solar panels. As co-owners of a biogas plant, they even run their vehicles on cow manure!

Perfect for 320 dairy cows

Compact, mobile and efficient

It only makes sense that such an ultra-modern farm would operate a compact separator from Bauer: In May 2020, a Plug & Play S855 GB was installed to transform cow manure into perfect green bedding and ensure comfortable stalls for the dairy cows. The Swedes were impressed by this efficient and practical separator. With the pump, electrical systems, controller and lines all integrated into a surprisingly small package, the separator is ready to go immediately after being plugged in. No assembly or tests required. Everything just works. It is also suited for mobile use and can be easily moved from one pit to another. The portability of the Plug & Play is definitely an asset.

Seven days a week

A win-win for everybody

At Kullingsjö Lantbruk, the Plug & Play is in use three hours a day, seven days a week. Every day it produces three cubic meters of bedding out of 50 cubic meters of slurry. Alongside all of these advantages, the owners emphasize that operation is “very simple for all our employees” and that “power consumption is a non-issue: the savings in bedding costs is far greater than the electricity costs.” A win-win for everyone involved, both human and bovine.

“Cleaning and maintenance of the Plug & Play are also as simple as could be thanks to clever engineering. It is important to ensure that the sieve is clean to consistently achieve the desired dry matter content and throughput.”

Tobias Kullingsjö