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Vårgår­da in Sweden

Plug & Play for an ultra-modern organic farm 

The organic farm run by broth­ers Kristof­fer and Tobias Kullingsjö in Vårgår­da, Sweden, is per­fect­ly orga­nized and makes use of every avail­able tech­nol­o­gy. It is there­fore only logical that a Plug & Play S855 GB would play a pivotal role here.

The broth­ers are the third gen­er­a­tion to run the farm Kullingsjö Lant­bruk AB. With 10 employ­ees and 320 dairy cows, the Kullingsjös produce organic milk, raise 150 pigs and cul­ti­vate rape, grains, beans and other crops on 750 hectares. Mobile phones func­tion for them as the ulti­mate control center: from to-do lists for employ­ees to mon­i­tor­ing the voltage of the elec­tric fence, there is an app for every­thing. As the broth­ers con­sid­er sus­tain­abil­i­ty to be more than just a buzz­word, they also cover 50 percent of their energy needs with their own solar panels. As co-owners of a biogas plant, they even run their vehi­cles on cow manure!

Perfect for 320 dairy cows

Compact, mobile and efficient

It only makes sense that such an ultra-modern farm would operate a compact sep­a­ra­tor from Bauer: In May 2020, a Plug & Play S855 GB was installed to trans­form cow manure into perfect green bedding and ensure com­fort­able stalls for the dairy cows. The Swedes were impressed by this effi­cient and prac­ti­cal sep­a­ra­tor. With the pump, elec­tri­cal systems, con­troller and lines all inte­grat­ed into a sur­pris­ing­ly small package, the sep­a­ra­tor is ready to go imme­di­ate­ly after being plugged in. No assem­bly or tests required. Every­thing just works. It is also suited for mobile use and can be easily moved from one pit to another. The porta­bil­i­ty of the Plug & Play is def­i­nite­ly an asset.

Seven days a week 

A win-win for everybody

At Kullingsjö Lant­bruk, the Plug & Play is in use three hours a day, seven days a week. Every day it pro­duces three cubic meters of bedding out of 50 cubic meters of slurry. Along­side all of these advan­tages, the owners empha­size that oper­a­tion is “very simple for all our employ­ees” and that “power con­sump­tion is a non-issue: the savings in bedding costs is far greater than the elec­tric­i­ty costs.” A win-win for every­one involved, both human and bovine.

“Clean­ing and main­te­nance of the Plug & Play are also as simple as could be thanks to clever engi­neer­ing. It is impor­tant to ensure that the sieve is clean to con­sis­tent­ly achieve the desired dry matter content and throughput.”

Tobias Kullingsjö