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Grinder Gård in NorwAY

Potato irri­ga­tion with BAUER Linestar

Pota­toes on sandy soil at over 60 degrees north­ern lat­i­tude? Yes, it’s true. Thanks to Lines­tar in the largest “potato com­mu­ni­ty” in Norway.

One thing first: We are not talking here of a broad North Amer­i­can corn field or an expan­sive Ukrain­ian wheat plan­ta­tion. No, this is a potato field in Norway, specif­i­cal­ly one located at over 60 degrees lat­i­tude. Not only is it far in the north of Scan­di­navia, it is also irri­gat­ed with the first linear system from Bauer located so close to the Arctic Circle. We find our­selves at Grinder Gård, a farm roughly two hours drive north of Oslo in the town of Grinder. It is the largest potato-cul­ti­vat­ing com­mu­ni­ty in Norway. Roughly 40 percent of all Nor­we­gian pota­toes are grown here.

Small is beautiful

Lines­tar with 3 spans for 35 hectares

The field in ques­tion, belong­ing to the young farmer Andreas Bakken, stretch­es along the Glomma river for 1,800 meters and is roughly 220 meters wide at the nar­row­est point. Bakken is jus­ti­fi­ably proud of his success and espe­cial­ly of the near linear system from Bauer, which has made a harvest pos­si­ble here for the first time: His Lines­tar has three spans, and each is 60 meters long. The over­hang and the end gun cover another 30 to 40 meters. This year, the system was used to irri­gate an area of roughly 35 hectares with three dif­fer­ent crops: barley, pota­toes and grass.

The size of the farm is 230 hectares, which is quite large for Nor­we­gian stan­dards. Pri­mar­i­ly pota­toes and carrots are grown here, and the sandy soil in Norway only yields a harvest if it is irri­gat­ed. However, the farmer must measure the water dose care­ful­ly, espe­cial­ly in sandy soil: If you wish to retain nitrates and phos­pho­rous in the soil, you can’t irri­gate too much.

Fine droplets

For a gentle rain

In addi­tion to the Lines­tar, Andreas Bakken also has five other hose reel irri­ga­tion machines. The main reason he invests in linear systems from Bauer is the time savings since the oper­a­tion of a hose reel machine is sig­nif­i­cant­ly more work. But the fine droplet shape and the dis­tri­b­u­tion close to the plants have a major impact on the growth and con­di­tion of the plants. Not only are the fine droplets gentle on the plants, they are also extreme­ly impor­tant for sandy soils in order that the ground can receive the water well, rather than allow­ing it to drain off the surface of the potato mounds. It is nec­es­sary for pota­toes in par­tic­u­lar to observe the right time, dura­tion and precise quan­ti­ty of irri­ga­tion to produce a good harvest. The linear system per­fect­ly meets all of these require­ments, and Andreas Bakken is con­fi­dent that he can further improve his yield this year with the right irrigation!