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Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Børkop in Denmark

Christ­mas trees need irri­ga­tion too

The popular Nord­mann fir is dec­o­rat­ed at Christ­mas­time in many coun­tries of Europe. Denmark pro­duces 10 million every year and exports 90 percent.

In the middle of Denmark, where wheat or other grain is gen­er­al­ly grown, you can find the 100-hectare tree nursery Johansens Planteskole. Peter Lade­gaard Jensen pur­chased it in 1990 and now employs 50 workers in the high season. He grows a variety of 50 or so plant types for use in refor­esta­tion, avalanche pro­tec­tion, ceme­ter­ies, garden land­scap­ing, hedges and more, sup­ply­ing saplings and seedlings to buyers through­out Europe. Nord­mann firs make up the largest share of the nursery’s prod­ucts, and mea­sured against the size of the country, the Christ­mas tree indus­try across Denmark is quite significant.

Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Ready for Christmas

Plenty of water for sandy soils

To ensure even and optimal growth of the plants at the 100-hectare tree nursery, Peter Lade­gaard Jensen has relied since the nineties on effi­cient irri­ga­tion of the shoots and young plants. The sandy soils in Jütland demand plenty of water, after all. This is why the farm oper­ates seven Rain­stars from Bauer in the period from April to October.  For even greater con­ve­nience and a better overview the two recent­ly acquired machines are equipped with the Smar­tRain app, which allows the Rain­stars to be mon­i­tored and con­trolled by smartphone.

“I won’t let any other brand in my field!” declares Lade­gaard Jensen, who was con­vinced from the start of the quality, reli­a­bil­i­ty and easy oper­a­tion offered by Bauer prod­ucts. He also appre­ci­ates the advan­tage of sourc­ing all machin­ery from the same man­u­fac­tur­er, which makes han­dling and main­te­nance simpler for his employees.


Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Merry Christ­mas

The Nord­mann fir

  • The high-quality seeds come from Georgia.
  • 400–500 seedlings can be ger­mi­nat­ed within 1 m2.
  • After about 1 year, they are planted out.
  • After about 3 years, the minia­ture firs are 25 cm tall and are sold to Euro­pean growers, who plant them yet again.
  • 7 years later, they are ready to fulfill their destiny as Christ­mas trees and lend a festive atmos­phere to living rooms across Germany, Italy and France. Merry Christmas!