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Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Børkop in Denmark

Christmas trees need irrigation too

The popular Nordmann fir is decorated at Christmastime in many countries of Europe. Denmark produces 10 million every year and exports 90 percent.

In the middle of Denmark, where wheat or other grain is generally grown, you can find the 100-hectare tree nursery Johansens Planteskole. Peter Ladegaard Jensen purchased it in 1990 and now employs 50 workers in the high season. He grows a variety of 50 or so plant types for use in reforestation, avalanche protection, cemeteries, garden landscaping, hedges and more, supplying saplings and seedlings to buyers throughout Europe. Nordmann firs make up the largest share of the nursery’s products, and measured against the size of the country, the Christmas tree industry across Denmark is quite significant.

Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Ready for Christmas

Plenty of water for sandy soils

To ensure even and optimal growth of the plants at the 100-hectare tree nursery, Peter Ladegaard Jensen has relied since the nineties on efficient irrigation of the shoots and young plants. The sandy soils in Jütland demand plenty of water, after all. This is why the farm operates seven Rainstars from Bauer in the period from April to October.  For even greater convenience and a better overview the two recently acquired machines are equipped with the SmartRain app, which allows the Rainstars to be monitored and controlled by smartphone.

“I won't let any other brand in my field!” declares Ladegaard Jensen, who was convinced from the start of the quality, reliability and easy operation offered by Bauer products. He also appreciates the advantage of sourcing all machinery from the same manufacturer, which makes handling and maintenance simpler for his employees.


Bauer Beregnung Rainstar
Merry Christmas

The Nordmann fir

  • The high-quality seeds come from Georgia.
  • 400-500 seedlings can be germinated within 1 m2.
  • After about 1 year, they are planted out.
  • After about 3 years, the miniature firs are 25 cm tall and are sold to European growers, who plant them yet again.
  • 7 years later, they are ready to fulfill their destiny as Christmas trees and lend a festive atmosphere to living rooms across Germany, Italy and France. Merry Christmas!