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Water Management - Intelligent use of your water resources

In the pursuit of efficiency in water management in irrigation, it is crucial to optimize the use of this valuable resource, ensuring its availability at the right time for irrigation. However, without proper control and monitoring, the challenge of irrigation increases considerably.

With this, BAUER brings to producers a definitive solution for the control and real-time monitoring of water intakes (wells and rivers) and storage (channels, dams, and reservoirs). This solution not only offers this essential capability but also generates detailed reports and alerts in cases of possible operational failures.

Optimize time and labor

Reduce Cost and time required for system operation.

Remote control and monitoring

Control the system and have all the information available anytime and anywhere.


Use the exact amount of water, ensuring effective irrigation and avoiding failures and waste.


Save fuel and other costs by reducing the constant need for on-site checking.

Environmental safety

Control your water consumption limits with accurate and reliable data recording with the generation of reliable reports.


Have valuable and accurate data on the use of water resources at hand, enabling more efficient decision-making for each case.

Element 2@4x-100

A solution for all the water points on your farm

  • Remote pump activation and monitoring of river flow and level
  • Accurate real-time measurement of the reservoir level
  • Well level measurement and monitoring of water flow and volume
  • Water consumption reports


  • Operating time programming
    Schedule the start and end of operations on specific dates, providing greater control and efficiency.
  • Automatic reconnection
    In cases of power failure, it automatically detects the interruption and restores pumping as soon as the power returns, ensuring continuous and reliable operation.
  • Peak Time Management
    Automatic detection of peak times, turning off pumping during these periods and turning it back on after the end, optimizing energy and resource consumption.
  • Consumption Monitoring
    Access to the total volume consumed based on operating hours and monitoring of the water meter (coming soon), providing valuable information for water management.

Level Meter

  • Custom Alerts
    Configure and receive immediate alerts in case of critical levels, preventing waste and environmental incidents in your reservoirs.
  • Residual Flow
    When installing the meter in a river, the platform offers the ability to insert the constants of the River Key Curve to calculate the residual flow accurately.
  • Continuous Updates
    In Irricontrol, innovation is constant. Soon new features such as automatic pump shutdown based on levels, conversion of levels into total stored water, and volume measurements through pulsed water meters.


Hammer Patrick

Patrick Hammer

Product Manager - Irrigation Technology