Turning effluent into profit

Casey Taylor, Australia

MELBOURNE: A farmer in Heathmere near Portland has innovated with a cocktail of water in an effluent separation program to add value to his pastures.

Surrylea Farm's supplies the Murray Goulburn Co-Op with milk run by Casey Taylor and his family who look after 450 cross-bred Jerseys and Friesians for milking, on 415 hectares of pastureland.

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Farmer saves thousands of dollars with a simple technique, turning waste into profits

John Hunt, Australia

MELBOURNE: A south western farmer has teamed up with local dealers ThinkWater in Mt Gambier and Warrnambool to put to good use, waste from their dairy cattle.

John Hunt who manages a dairy farm in Kongarong, is a thick set New Zealander with a beard, and a voracious appetite for farming. He lives, eats and breathes farming and almost knows all his cows by name. 

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Farmers urged to involve their spreading contractor when planning new slurry storage facilities

Paul Joseph, UK

A specialist in field application of farm slurry and biogas plant digestate has appealed to farmers to involve their contractor when planning new or upgraded facilities. Wilts-based contractor Paul Joseph wants to ensure that access to stores and hose routes for umbilical spreading are taken into consideration.

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Vertical spray guarantees sales of pure turf

Adam Little, Australia

Melbourne: When an idea crystallises into a potential reality, the only thing left is commitment. So it was when Adam Little decided that the hamlet of Yahl and turf might be a good fit.

Adam has farming running through his veins, from his father Les Little who operates a farm nearby and in Strathdownie across the Victorian - South Australian border. He grew up with sheep and cattle later venturing out on his own, purchasing a going concern in Yahl, a beautiful neck of the woods close to Mt Gambier.

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Swan Hill farmer with first Bauer poly lined pivot

Ken Westmore, Australia

On the upper side of Swan Hill at Boundary Bend, Ken Westmore takes a long look over his 3,000 acres of mainly potatoes in their various stages. The sun is shining and there is the noise of a loader and the sweet smell of lucerne in a paddock nearby. Ken is testing out his purchase in a world-first of a “Polystar” poly lined centre pivot irrigator made by Bauer of Austria, which he bought from Swan Hill Irrigation, one of the most important Australian Bauer dealers.

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Perfektes Beregnungssystem sichert Rollrasen

Dr. Harald Alex, Germany

„Hochwertiger Rollrasen ist ohne perfekte Beregnung nicht produzierbar.“ sagt Dr. Harald Alex. Sein Rezept: „Ich kaufe nur beste Technik bei Produzenten, die auch verlässliches Service garantieren.“

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Bauer Rainstar reels perform key role in major irrigation project

Ian Mason, UK

A Norfolk potato grower whose enthusiasm for the principle of ‘low food miles’ inspired a major irrigation project in west Norfolk has taken delivery of a dozen large hose reels to bring his vision to reality.

Ian Mason will use the equipment to irrigate potatoes being grown for the first time on light land across three farming enterprises that collaborated to install the irrigation infrastructure.

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