BAUER presents new separation solutions

Organic waste such as slurry or Industrial slurries containing solids can be effectively utilized to save money

Wherever organic waste is produced, separation technology from BAUER helps users protect the environment while saving money: Separating slurry or sludge into its solid and liquid phases reduces the waste volume, simplifies disposal and enables recycling or utilization of the substrate. The technology leader BAUER offers a wide product range in this area: From the compact separator S300 to the classic machines S655/S855 and the S855 GB (“Green Bedding”), which is optimized to produce bedding for cattle. All separators are also available in the mobile “Plug & Play” variant.

The separators from BAUER, which is headquartered in Voitsberg, Styria, enable the fully automatic separation of waste substrate into liquid and solid phases and are used in agriculture and industry. The results are time savings and the avoidance of high investment and disposal costs in the agricultural, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as at slaughterhouses, distilleries and municipal water treatment plants. This is made possible by the significant reduction in the waste volume (15-30%). In addition, the liquid phase can be more easily distributed on the field or further treated in treatment plants, for example. The use of the solid phase as fertilizer or as a basis for compost is also a possibility.

S300: An economical solution for wastewater treatment for small operations
For small companies, BAUER offers the new small separator S300: The newest model of the product family weighs only 220 kg with a footprint of 1.3 x 0.5 m and a height of less than 90 cm (including overflow hose and galvanized stand), making it more than suited for its role as a compact unit. Despite these small dimensions, the S300 can deliver throughput of up to 16 m³ per hour. The low purchase costs, the simple setup and the high quality of the components make the S300 a sensible investment for applications at this scale.

S655/S855: Numerous potential uses – including in industrial applications
For users with moderate to high waste volumes, BAUER offers the separators S655 and S855. These machines separate 10 to 25 m³ (S655) or 15 to 35 m³ (S855) of substrate per hour and guarantee energy-efficient separation of the organic fertilizer. The throughput varies depending on the age, dry matter content and consistency of the waste. The liquid phase (70-85%) is optimally suited for spreading with pipe and hose systems. The solid phase (15-30%) – self-composting, odorless, stackable and therefore easy to store – can be sold as fertilizer or compost, for example.

S855 GB: “Green Bedding” separator for recognized bedding quality
The use of separators for processing slurry into bedding for dairy cattle is growing increasingly common. With the help of the “Green Bedding” model, the moisture level, volume and consistency of the starting material are changed to produce high-quality yet inexpensive organic bedding. A high dry matter content in the solid phase is critical for hassle-free use as bedding. The BAUER S855 GB ensures a constant DM content of up to 36% – a level that has been shown not to increase the risk of mastitis.
In contrast to previously used bedding materials such as straw, sawdust, rubber mats or sand, the “Green Bedding” variant does not generate high costs either for procurement or disposal. The resulting bedding is also optimally accepted by the animals and offers a high level of comfort. Both criteria have a significant impact on the milk output.

“Plug & Play”: Efficient and mobile separators
The separators S655, S855 and S855 GB are also available in mobile designs: The “Plug & Play” separator systems from BAUER are compact units in which all components are packed into the smallest possible space: from the intake pump and the media lines to the electronic control. Once connected to a power socket, these compact space-savers immediately and efficiently separate the solid from the liquid phase.
The complete systems are each driven by BAUER HelixDrive pumps.

Optimal for use in multiple operations
With their mobility and quick readiness for operation, the “Plug & Play” systems from BAUER are particularly useful investments for machinery cooperatives and rental companies.