SIGNO 4.0 from BAUER: The control of the future

Compatible agricultural electronic tool with many advantages in the control area

With the new SIGNO 4.0, BAUER is taking its agricultural electronics offering to a new level: Significantly larger quantities of data can now be processed, and the tractor and tanker are much more compatible.

Digitalization has long since made its mark in the slurry area. Previously, however, the electronic control of the machinery struggled with obstacles: many different electronics boxes, diverse connectors and data formats made life difficult for users. A solution has arrived in the form of the cross-company Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI), which is ushering in international standards. The BAUER Group, with its subsidiaries BSA and ECKART, has been a member of this network of providers since the start of the year. Together, the companies are ensuring cooperation in the area of agricultural electronics, making tractors and equipment more compatible.

With ISOBUS, individual hydraulic cylinders or electric motors are no longer controlled individually with levers and switches; instead, a single cable is sufficient to send commands to the device. The job computer then controls the necessary hydraulic valves or starts electric motors. BAUER now presents one successful implementation with the current SIGNO 4.0. The onboard computer is equipped with the newest generation of job computer for especially high processing power. Applications with large data quantities can be reliably realized.

Easier to use – fewer operating errors
The operating terminals of the SIGNO 4.0 are available as button terminals or touch terminals. New on the button terminal is an additional rotary knob that enables faster inputting of values.
The symbols are intuitively adapted to the suction and spreading technology to minimize operating errors and considerably simplify the use of the complex slurry tanker components.

Integrated nutrient analysis
The nutrient analysis system SIGNO ID was also integrated into the job computer and is an example of a technology that requires the processing of large volumes of data in an extremely short time. With SIGNO ID, the composition of the nutrients can be measured within seconds and the spreading quantity regulated automatically in the field. For example, this allows the vehicle operator to define the desired quantity of nitrogen, and the spreading quantity is adapted accordingly.
The SIGNO 4.0 has also been prepared for future development steps and features, making it a modern and forward-looking modular solution.

Also new at BAUER: the existing comfort control has been completely revised. It will now be marketed under the name SIGNO-Comfort and will be operated via mechanical buttons or toggle levers. The SIGNO-Comfort is inherently prepared for the expansion to SIGNO 4.0, allowing it to be expanded later into an ISOBUS control.