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Werkskapelle Bauer
In harmony for 60 years

Bauer and the factory band 

In August, a special bir­th­day was cele­bra­ted with lively rhythms : The Bauer factory band enjoyed its 60th anni­ver­sa­ry with a cere­mo­ny in the Bauer Academy. Founded on August 9, 1961, the Bauer factory band has been an inte­gral part of the cultu­ral and social life of the Voits­berg region ever since.

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In rhythm at the highest level

A suc­cess­ful celebration

The musi­cians and hono­ra­ry members of the Bauer band as well as nume­rous invited guests met in the BAUER Head­quar­ter on August 5th. Beau­ti­ful­ly set tables, a deli­cious buffet and good music created the perfect atmos­phere. Bauer and the factory band were happy to welcome high-ranking guests such as Voitsberg’s mayor Bernd Osprian, the vice mayors Kurt Chris­tof and Manfred Pret­ten­tha­ler, the city coun­ci­lors Chris­tine Hemmer and Franz Sacher­negg (also chair­man of the Bauer factory band) and the board member of the Spar­kasse Mag. Dieter Hornbacher.

The Bauer factory band per­for­med nume­rous musical deli­ca­cies – the spe­cial­ly com­po­sed Otto Roiss March, which the jubilee also conduc­ted himself, could not be missing. As a gift, Otto Roiss pre­sen­ted a newly desi­gned logo for “his” band. « Otto Roiss is not only a patron and sponsor, but also a very good friend of our band, » says Franz Peter Brann, exe­cu­tive chair­man of the Bauer factory band.

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