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The ideal solu­tion for summer 2022

Bauer Lines­tar saves time and money

In Austria, too, the tem­pe­ra­tures climb to well over 30 degrees this summer. A reliable, auto­ma­tic irri­ga­tion system with a low usage of water and diesel is worth its weight in gold. Markus Qui­de­nus in Unter­sie­ben­brunn, Lower Austria, relies 100% on his BAUER Lines­tar 168 EL.

Markus Qui­de­nus is the fourth gene­ra­tion to run the family busi­ness, which was founded in 1935 by his great-grand­fa­ther in the heart of the Mar­ch­feld. Today, the organic farm covers a total area of 190 hec­tares, on which grain, corn, soy­beans, sun­flo­wers and green peas are grown depen­ding on crop rotation.

For a safe harvest

In ope­ra­tion since April this year

Reliable irri­ga­tion is essen­tial for modern arable farming. Until two years ago, two Bauer hose reel machines (Rains­tar E51 and E55) were res­pon­sible for this at the Qui­de­nus family’s farm. In 2020, the fleet was expan­ded by a Bauer Lines­tar 168 LL. From May to Sep­tem­ber, the 900 m long low-pres­sure system irri­gates 3 plots of 28 hec­tares each fully auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. Due to the severe drought, irri­ga­tion had to be started already in April this year.

Buried gui­dance

Always on track

Pre­ci­se­ly guided by cables laid under­ground, 0.5 KW motors pull the system linear­ly across the field. If needed, the motors are swit­ched on to drive forward – the optimal dis­tri­bu­tion of the weight hardly causes any signi­fi­cant ground pres­sure. Low-pres­sure nozzles produce a very fine droplet size, which results in even water dis­tri­bu­tion and gentle irri­ga­tion of the plants. In addi­tion, low-pres­sure systems impress with their energy effi­cien­cy : In order to pump the water, a maximum inlet pres­sure of only 3.5 bar is required.

Signi­fi­cant­ly less work and diesel

Incre­di­bly economic

Markus Qui­de­nus is enthu­sias­tic about the consi­de­rable savings in working hours and diesel – a more than posi­tive aspect in view of the current fuel price deve­lop­ments. “The fact that the Lines­tar uses almost two thirds less diesel than a hose reel machine really sur­pri­sed me. In addi­tion, we save around 20 hours of work when irri­ga­ting a plot. Cal­cu­la­ted over an entire season, this results in a remar­kable sum,” explains Quidenus.

In addi­tion, the linear system is equip­ped with the GPS-sup­por­ted appli­ca­tion « Smar­tRain ». Regular live updates keep you infor­med about the current status of the Lines­tar. A huge advan­tage for Markus Qui­de­nus : « One look at the smart­phone is enough to know whether the set speed is being main­tai­ned, the pre­ci­pi­ta­tion is okay or how long the machine still needs to get to the next parking position.