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New control box gene­ra­tion for BAUER Pivots

Espe­cial­ly in areas with an insuf­fi­cient GSM network, remote control of machines is often dif­fi­cult or not pos­sible at all. The new control box Smart­Con­nect from Bauer now offers a smart solu­tion  to enable moni­to­ring and ope­ra­tion of irri­ga­tion systems even in more remote areas.

Deve­lo­ped by the Bra­zi­lian BAUER Group sub­si­dia­ry Irri­con­trol, the new Smart­Con­nect control unit is already being used suc­cess­ful­ly on hun­dreds of Bauer Cen­ters­tars in South America. Simple hand­ling, intui­tive ope­ra­tion, high relia­bi­li­ty and excellent work­man­ship – with these top fea­tures, the Smart­Con­nect fits seam­less­ly into the uncom­pa­rable Bauer quality league.

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The huge advan­tage of Smart­Con­nect, which dis­tin­guishes it from similar pro­ducts on the market, is its own wire­less network, that is created between dif­ferent irri­ga­tion machines thanks to Irri­Mesh. This means that irri­ga­tion systems can also be moni­to­red and control­led in areas that do not have an ade­quate GSM network.

The Smart­Con­nect is consi­de­red the missing link within the current BAUER control unit range and replaces the pre­vious models Uni­ver­sal, Uni­ver­sal Pro and Uni­ver­sal Pro G.