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Bauer Separator S655
A cycle of har­ves­ting and recycling

Sepa­ra­tor S655 used for healing purposes

Bauer tech­no­lo­gy in the service of healing power. The western Styrian Moorbad Schwan­berg uses a sepa­ra­tor and a long shaft pump for the treat­ment and reuse of the healing peat.

 The for­ma­tion of the high peat bog in Garanas goes back to the Neo­li­thic period, 4,000 BC. The reco­gni­zed healing peat, which is used in the Moorbad Schwan­berg against skin and other diseases, is formed at a height of 1,300 meters.

How does the peat get into the bathtub ?

After mining, the dark raw peat is stored exter­nal­ly and deli­ve­red to the Moorbad in contai­ners. The hyper­bo­loid cutting mecha­nism of the long shaft sub­mer­sible pump shreds the mate­rial, which is then mixed with water, homo­ge­ni­zed and heated. The Magnum LE 11 then trans­ports the peat, which is regu­lar­ly checked for its phy­si­cal and che­mi­cal para­me­ters, into the tub. After the healing treat­ment, the sepa­ra­tor S655 moves into action : the liquid part ends up in the sewage system, the solid part is retur­ned to the mining site. There the fibre can enrich again with curing ele­ments and after a few decades it should be usable again as a healing treatment.


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A closed circuit

Bauer tech­no­lo­gy in the service of healing power

Peat and blueberries

Another part of the solid phase is pro­ces­sed into potting soil and used for example for blue­ber­ry plants that prefer an acidic envi­ron­ment. The pH value of 4.3 is also a special chal­lenge for machines that come into contact with the aggres­sive medium. The separator’s auger and screen are made of stain­less steel and are the­re­fore ideally pre­pa­red for the peat. For even more comfort, the in-house tech­ni­cians of Moor Bath Schwan­berg have ins­tal­led a washing system in the sepa­ra­tor. The screen is auto­ma­ti­cal­ly washed every day. The sepa­ra­tor has been running like clo­ck­work for more than ten years now !