Planing- Timber Yard Irrigation - BAUER "TimberRain"

BAUER has many years of experience in the planning and implementing of individual irrigation systems. Our specialists plan turn-key ready and  tailor-made.

From the stand alone-system over to large-area irrigation systems. We plan according to the principle of sustainability on the basis of European norms of quality. This brings our customers both ecological as well as economic advantages by using water efficiently and gives our products a very long service life.

Satisfied customers through simple assembly

Even with the most innovative technology and the best quality of material, timber yard irrigation systems cannot do without one thing. Perfect assembly!
Therefore, BAUER employs only specially trained technicians in the company. They are also responsible that the knowledge transfer between BAUER and its sales partners all over the world works perfectly.

By doing so, they make an important contribution to our customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers make us happy - BAUER

Optimal flexibility for every operation

  • Large performance range
  • Easy to handle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Slow reverse
  • Variable jet angle

New standards in handling and performance

  • BAUER wide range sprinklers have been designed specifically for modern, energy-minded irrigation management and set new standards in handling and  performance
  • The sprinklers are equally suited for every type of irrigation system because of a special drive system which breaks up the water jet into an effective spray that does not harm the crops, through all pressure ranges.
  • Operation is simple and requires no adjustment. Bauer wide range sprinklers respond to fluctuating pressure conditions and varying nozzle sizes and adjust automatically.
  • A wide range sprinkler with unmatched versatility so far.

VARI-ANGEL - effective irrigation even in windy conditions

  • With the VARI-ANGLE the trajectory of the water jet can be adjusted infinitely between 15° and 45°.
  • In windy conditions a flat jet parabola reduces water drift and increases irrigation efficiency substantially
  • Standard sprinklers come with a 24° trajectory.

Energy saving

  • The already high utility value of the unit is increased by a system using an interval diffusor
  • Depending on the crop even at low operating pressures the sprinklers provide good resluts
  • In addition one or two diffusors can be added to the sprinkler and their operation can be individually adjusted
  • The diffusor enables energy savings in connection with a reduction of operating costs

Maintenance Free Operation

  • Due to the use of high quality and wear-resistant materials the whole machine is virtually maintenance free
  • The modern construction comes without any parts which are susceptible to faults, e.g ball-bearing, which could get rusty in humid conditions and cause a shut down and high repair costs.
  • A further reason to choose the BAUER wide range sprinkler

Automatic brake force regulation

  • The self regulating system adjusts its brake force in relation to the respective operating pressure.
  • Thereby the sprinkler always achieves a regular and compensated rotation speed adjusted to the operating pressure - a requirement for good water distribution
  • The automatic brake system contributes significantly to the outstanding operating characteristics at all pressure levels

Automatic adjustment

  • Pressure fluctuation and nozzle change are no longer a problem as manual adjustments are no longer necessary. 
  • The innovative drive adjusts automatically to any changes in the operating conditions and gives the sprinkler its flexibility

Slow reverse

  • Sprinkler operation is smooth and nearly vibration-free. The slow reverse has the advantage that the sprinkler cart of the irrigation machine does not run off track and the danger of tilting is reduced.  .
  • The balanced mode of operation makes the sprinkler perfectly applicable as an end gun for pivots, but is also suitable for fixed and flexible irrigation units.

Excellent distribution

  • Due to the special drive, a better and more effective jet break-up is provided
  • Excellent operation in all pressure ranges
  • Furthermore, the water-jet is widely dispersed by the drive system at the start-up of the sprinkler
  • Due to the fact that the water distribution is highly consistent, additional nozzles, as often used, are not necessary