Standard extent of supply


  • Rainstar with special PE-pipe
  • 2-wheel undercarriage with crop friendly tyres
  • Mechanic machine supports
  • Hot-dip galvanizing for pipe drum and undercarriage
  • Drive with BAUER turbine TCN 18
  • BAUER transmission gear with PTO rewind
  • Mechanical speed control with automatic planimetric adjustment
  • Power transmission via external chin drive
  • Automatic cart lift 
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Including wheel cart and adjustable track width
  • Without sprinkler


Item No.Article 
8340510RAINSTAR A2 50-135 with cart

RAINSTAR A2 50-135 with cart

Weight: 341 kg
Product group: 34
8340512RAINSTAR A2 55-120 with cart

RAINSTAR A2 55-120 with cart

Weight: 351 kg
Product group: 34
8340514RAINSTAR A2 58-115 with cart

RAINSTAR A2 58-115 with cart

Weight: 353 kg
Product group: 34