Standard Extent of Supply Gear and Pedestal Pump SX 2000

  • gear pump with adjustable cutting device
  • spiral housing of GG25
  • suction flange with ribbed inlet and irrotational function
  • high consistency impeller with blades - 2600min-1
  • thick matter impeller of spheroidal graphite iron with hardened cutting edges
  • cutting flange made of chromium steel casting
  • compact spur gear box with hardened helical angular teeth
  • mechanical seal (silicium carbide) with oil reservoir
  • rinsing connection with Geka coupling
  • suction connection DN 150
  • delivery connection DIN 100
  • bare shaft end Ø 42 mm for direct drive with diesel motor

Attention: Use only PTO shafts with shear pin coupling!

Item No. Article (m³/h) (m) (kW) (min-1)  
3450030 Pump Magnum SX 2000 41X348 / 4 60-300 140-102 130 2000

Pump Magnum SX 2000

power unit gear pump with impeller 41x348/4

Weight: 257 kg
Product group: 46