Bauer Group takes over Bavarian OTEMA location

10 jobs secured in Höchstadt

The globally operating Austrian Bauer Group, market leader in irrigation and slurry technology, took over the Bavarian location of Otema GmbH, which recently entered into insolvency, and will operate the location under the name BNH-Landtechnik: This secured 10 jobs in Höchstadt. “After the good experiences with BNH in Westphalia, New Holland asked us whether the Bauer Group might like to take over the distribution rights of the former Otema in northern Bavaria/Franconia,” said Bauer General Manager Otto Roiss at the contract signing. This region stretches from Würzburg south to Nuremberg and north to Bayreuth/Kulmbach. Otto Roiss also feels it is very important to make clear that Bauer has no intention of entering into direct sales and continues to see specialized dealers as the group’s distribution partners.

New free-App for irrigation management

„SmartRain“ from Bauer for managing and optimizing irrigation systems via Smartphone or tablet

New service for managing, monitoring and optimization of irrigation systems:

with „SmartRain“, the newly developed GPS-supported application, the Bauer Group sets new standards in irrigation management. Whether on the field, on the farm or at home, the user stays informed about the current status of the machines by regular live-updates and can at any time if necessary intervene into or optimize ongoing processes. The app is available for free for all current smartphones and tablets.

New: BAUER Long -shaft pump „Magnum LEE“and „LEC“

Durable, robust and energy efficient thick matter pump to convey and homogenize liquid manure and waste water

The long-shaft pump from Bauer, consisting of pump, drive shaft and electric motor is used for conveying and homogenizing/stirring liquid manure and waste water. A distinctive feature is that the actual hydraulic components are always immersed in the medium, like it is the case with the submersible motor pump. The electronic motor, however, is outside the medium.  Furthermore, the motor is connected with the hydraulic components (pump) by a drive shaft (see picture) which length varies depending on the pit depth.

New „Rainstar“from the styrian rainmaker

The Austrian Bauer Group, with headquarters in Voitsberg, Styria, has become the world market leader with its Rainstar irrigation machines in the last 40 years. Now Bauer presents the Rainstar E55 XL, which was designed on the basis of the E55 and is available now with even larger pipe dimensions. With a pipe retraction it is possible to irrigate up to 7,7 hectares, with an installation even up to 15,4 hectares.

Bauer presents irrigation electronics „Ecostar 6000“

Precise and safe irrigation with simple operation by the world market leader.

The Bauer Group from Voitsberg in Styria, world market leader in irrigation presents high performance „irrigation technology“ with simple operation at the Agritechnica 2015: the latest development is the irrigation electronics Ecostar 6000. The Ecostar 6000 delivers the best conditions for a simple and targeted control of our irrigation systems“, says product manager Franz-Peter Roll. The electronic system guarantees precise control of the retraction speed, and optimum precision of different irrigation inputs for Bauer’s Rainstar range.

Efficient and mobile: „Plug & Play“ separators from BAUER

The new amazingly compact units, true spacesaver have many uses in agriculture, food industry and biogas plants.

The new “plug & play” separator system from the Bauer Group, technology leader in the separation of liquid and solid materials and headquartered in Voitsberg, is a compact, mobile unit featuring all components packed tightly together: from the intake pump and the media lines to the electronic control. A true spacesaver with tremendous power that, once plugged in, efficiently separates solid and liquid phases.

Bauer mit neuem Lagunen-Güllemixer MTXH-L

Mit kräftigen Rührflügeln setzt der neue MTXH-L den Inhalt von bis zu 6.000 m³ großen Gülle-Lagunen in Bewegung und homogenisiert ihn im Nu – ohne großen Kraftbedarf

Egal, ob dünnflüssige Gülle mit Feststoffanteilen, Klumpen, Sinkschichten oder dicke Schwimmdecken: neue Schneidkanten an den Rührflügeln sorg

Ausgeklügelte Beregnungstechnik vom Weltmarktführer

Rainstar E bietet höchste Beregnungsqualität für professionelle Ansprüche

Kostensparend bei größtem Komfort – so präsentieren sich die Rainstar-Modelle der Bauer Group aus dem steirischen Voitsberg. Vor 40 Jahren hat das Unternehmen die Welt...

Das effizienteste Beregnungs-System unter der Sonne

Bewässerungssysteme auf höchstem Niveau sichern Profi-Landnutzern ihren Ertrag

Die Verfügbarkeit von Wasser wird mehr und mehr zu dem entscheidenden Faktor für eine konstant erfolgreiche Bewirtschaftung landwirtschaftlicher Flächen. Wer beregnet, kann...

Customized irrigation at its best - Bauer launches „Variable Rate Irrigation“ system for exactest precipitation rates

BAUER is the global market leader in irrigation technology: A total of more than 2,5 million hectares is globally irrigated. For over 80 years Bauer has focused on three essential customer needs: water saving, energy reduction and efficiency increase. In order to comply with the request for varying precipitation rates and optimal efficiency, Bauer has developed the VRI system (Variable Rate Irrigation). This customized irrigation system allows to achieve considerable increase of yield. The system has been developed especially for installations working with waste water or effluent but it can also be used very effectively for clean water irrigation.

To give every crop the exact amount of water needed and to take into account the different soil types, the surface and the non-irrigated areas within one...

Precision Farming: GPS Corner for Irrigation accurate-to-the-centimetre

Satellites ensure a complete and on-the-spot irrigation of irregular fields

Precision is becoming more and more important in agriculture - not only for the use of equipment but also for the control of machines on the field. Satellite-controlled tractors found their way into farms recently - allowing for an accurate-to-the-centimetre track keeping and an on-the-spot distribution of fertilizers and plant protection - exact documentation included. The Austrian Bauer Group, global market leader in irrigation technology, is implementing "Precision Farming" in its products and has developed the "GPS Corner System".

"In the past our Pivot Corner Systems were controlled inductively by means of underground guiding systems whereby wires had to be laid underground," explains Bauer product manager...

Beregnung sichert Ernte auch bei Wetterkapriolen

- Beregnungsanlagen der österreichischen Bauer Group in mehr als 90 Ländern der Welt

- Großaufträge aus Laos und Honduras, neue Werke in Russland und Brasilien

Der „heißeste Juli seit 1858" hat auch in Österreich wieder einmal gezeigt, wie wichtig ein professionelles Wassermanagement in der Landwirtschaft ist. Dabei...

Austrian support for food production in Laos

Bauer Group supplies irrigation technology for 2.8 million Euros, supported by an export guarantee from the Federal Government and soft loan financing through the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank

The Laotian Government is planning to irrigate up to 900 hectares of farmland in Vientiane using Bauer irrigation technology and a long-term loan supported by the Federal...

Bauer Rainstar: Das Maß aller Dinge bei der Beregnung

Intelligente Bewässerungstechnik spart Energie und bares Geld

Kostengünstig und energiesparend, höchste Verarbeitungsqualität, bestes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, jahrzehntelange Erfahrung: Die Beregnungssysteme der Bauer-Gruppe...

Bauer, an important partner for biogas plants

Bauer Group components are defined by their quality and high performance

Biogas is a fuel which opens up the route towards a future of green energy. This ecological method of generating energy can help us turn things around and achieve sustainable use of the...

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