Standard extent of supply

  • Pump directly flanged to IVECO-diesel engine and mounted on a 2-wheel trolley with 4 crank support and jack
  • integrated frame tank with mounted oil pan
  • Unit with detachable tow-bar and support wheel
  • Roof made of metal and net guard on 4 sides
  • Control model "ELCOS 250" with: starting lock, engine stop, speed meter/running hour meter, timer, connector plug for flow switch, as well as signal and warning light
  • Unit shut-down in case of: engine over-heating, lube oil underpressure, pump low/overpressure and 0-flow (flow switch needed)
  • hand priming pump to evacuate suction line
  • lockable tank cap
  • ATTENTION: unit delivery without operating material (lubrication oil, cooling liquid, accumulator acid, ...)


Item No. Article  
0644005 D-Aggregat F32 AM+F33K80-90/5 4 60 PS F33K80-90/5E DN 65 DN 80 450 ltr.

D-Aggregat F32 AM+F33K80-90/5


Weight: 1600 kg
Product group: 24


Item No. Article  
0645005 D-Aggreg 3029DF150+F33K80-90/5 3 48 PS F33K80-90/5E DN 65 DN 80 450 ltr.

D-Aggreg 3029DF150+F33K80-90/5

JOHN DEERE 3029DF150 + ROVATTI F33K80-90/5E

Weight: 1250 kg
Product group: 24