• RAINSTAR with special PE-pipe
  • 2-wheel undercarriage with adjustable track width and jack
  • Revolving pipe reel with integrated supports
  • Machine supports with mechanical winch
  • Hot-dip galvanizing for pipe drum, undercarriage and turntable
  • Drive with BAUER turbine-gearbox combination consisting of
  • BAUER full flow turbine TVR 18
  • BAUER 4-speed gearbox with aerated brake and PTO rewind
  • Irrigation computer ECOSTAR 4300 with back-up battery and solar panel
  • Automatic cart lift at the end of the irrigation strip
  • RAINSTAR with standard equipment for cart without sprinkler

Item No.Article 
8340450RAINSTAR T42 75-350 with cartasym

RAINSTAR T42 75-350 with cart

Weight: 1650 kg
Product group: 31
8340452RAINSTAR T42 85-270 with cartasym

RAINSTAR T42 85-270 with cart

Weight: 1672 kg
Product group: 31
8340454RAINSTAR T42 85-300 with cartsym

RAINSTAR T42 85-300 with cart

Weight: 1720 kg
Product group: 31
8340456RAINSTAR T42 85-320 with cartasym

RAINSTAR T42 85-320 with cart

Weight: 1752 kg
Product group: 31
8340464RAINSTAR T42 90-260 with cartsym

RAINSTAR T42 90-260 with cart

Weight: 1716 kg
Product group: 31
8340466RAINSTAR T42 90-280 with cartsym

RAINSTAR T42 90-280 with cart

Weight: 1755 kg
Product group: 31
8340462RAINSTAR T42 90-300 with cartasym

RAINSTAR T42 90-300 with cart

Weight: 1792 kg
Product group: 31