BAUER vacuum-, combi- and pick-up tankers

In a special process the single parts of the container (rings of steel) are beaded and later put together with hydraulic presses. Later on, the weld seam is automatically welded, which ensures an optically perfect weld seam of high quality. Due to the double wall thickness in the beaded area, the container gets its high vacuum resistance without the usual reinforcement rings. This way no slurry can get stuck and the inside of the container remains smooth.

The tankers are hot dip galvanized as a standard according to DIN EN ISO 1461 which ensures long term corrosion protection.

The high gloss galvanization with the typical "zinc flower" give our tankers an amazing appearance. In order to preserve the appearance over many years all galvanized tankers are furnished with a special clear coating.  

Big wheels - no loss of volume

Wheel cuts or wheel housings reduce the volume. Not at BAUER! Due to the in house production of our tankers the length of the tanker is again enlarged approximately to the nominal volume. The advantages of a cut in the container are:

  • the outer track can be reduced
  • the turning angle can be enlarged 
  • based on the BAUER type designation you can identify the volume of the tanker 

Baffle plates for your safety

If the tanker has a larger volume one or more baffle plates, depending on the size of the tanker, offer more road safety. Baffle plates are a standard in all models from the model 55 upwards.

Cleaning made easy

The insensitivity to foreign matters in the slurry is the strength of the vacuum tanker. However, the container of the tanker must be easy accessible. Therefore, for a tanker diameter of up to Ø1250mm we produce a tanker lid which can be completely opened, and from a diameter of Ø1400mm onwards a stepped manhole. The advantage of the manhole of Ø 750mm is that it is easy accessible and there is minimum effort as not many screws need to be opened. Maintanance made easy.

  • from model 55 onwards manhole cover  Ø 750mm