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PUMP TANKER single axle

Standard extent of supply  P53 to P105

  • Self supporting steel contaier hot dip galvanized Ø1400 with P53/P61, Ø1500 with P73, Ø1150 with P82, Ø1700 with P105
  • Big dome and overflow in the tanke
  • Ladder 
  • Cleaning opening in the back  Ø300mm
  • Cut out for tires from P73
  • High tow coupling with supporting wheel
  • Parking break 
  • hydr. break - 2 Cylinders
  • Universal connecting device for distribution systems from P82
  • Filling indicator in the front 
  • Hose storage hooks
  • Eccentric screw pump
  • 3-way cock DN 100 for quantity regulation in the back, hydr. (1xDW)
  • 6" suction connection with ventilation cock and quick coupling in the front on the left
  • 3-chamber lighting with protection lid
  • 1 baffle plate with P53 and P61, from P73 two baffle plates

Standard accessories:

  • Distributor body with spindle and spreader nozzle Ø76mm
  • Suction line 6" divided with 2m hose and 3,5 tube with bow 
  • PTO shaft wide angle one sided with clutch 1 3/8" - 1 3/8" 6-piece, for screw pump E4000GLD

Item No. Article (l)  
6839160 Fass P91 800/45-26,5 BKT 648 9170 800/45 - 26,5 16 PR T648 HK 159/133

Fass P91 800/45-26,5 BKT 648

Spur 1750/10Loch, Rb 406x140, 4000L Pumpe

Weight: not available
Product group: 42