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Standard extent of supply

  1. Self-supporting steel tanker hot dip galvanized, Ø1550 with P100TL, Ø1700 with P120/140TL, Ø1850 with P155TL
  • Dome Ø470mm with hinged lid and ladder
  • Universal attachment device for drag hose applicator for direct mounting
  • 2 barrage walls, overflow integrated in the tank 
  • Blind flange left and right on the pump 
  • high tow coupling bearing load 2000kg, towbar height adjustable (basic setting approx. 950mm +/- 50mm)
  • Tandem-steering axle, four-wheel brake, four-spring-parabolic suspension with compensator for height regulation, self-steering 
  • Track 2050mm, distance between axles 160mm for tires of up to  26.5", designed for 40km/h-registration 
  • 2-wire air break with ALB
  • BAUER-eccentric screw pump with integrated solids trap on the bottom of the pump for 540 min-1
  • Suction connection  6" with ventilation cock and quick coupler in the front left
  • Spreader valve (3-way-valve) hydraulic with mechanic quantity dosage (adjustable) 1xDW
  • Filling level indicator with interior floater
  • 4 hose storage hooks
  • 3-chamber light with galvanized protective cover
  • Leg support with drive

Standard accessories 

  • Distributor head HK 108
  • Suction line 6", 5,5m divided for quick coupler and , - 2m hose , 3,5m pipe
  • PTO shaft wide angle one sided with sliding clutch 1 3/8" - 1 3/8" 6-pieces, for screw pumps E4000GLD


additionally to "standard extent of supply pump tanker tandem"

  • diameter of container Ø1850, 3 baffle plates
  • four spring-tandem aggregate with longitudinal stabilizers
  • Track  2150mm, distance between axles 1810mm

Attention: maximum permissible gross weight  22t (high tow) or. 23t (low tow), the content of tanker, depending on unladen weight and attachment device, cannot be fully used.  

Item No. Article (l)  
6836018 Fass P185TL 28L-26 T330 AL 18170 28L26 16PR T330 HK 159 / 6"

Fass P185TL 28L-26 T330 AL

OA, Alliance, Spur 2150/10Loch, 4000L Pumpe

Weight: not available
Product group: 41