Slurry tankers from 2000 to 24000 liters

The specifications of a slurry tanker required by mountain farmers differ completely from those of a contractor, not only with regard to geography but also regarding the application rate of the slurry.

  • The farmer wants a technology which is manageable, robust and can be used for many years
  • Biogas plants and contractors are faced with a high rate of output and therefore they require tankers with a large volume, powerful pumping technology and the possibility to mount hose applicators and injectors

Premium vacuum-, combi- and pick-up tankers

What is important to the farmer is a manageable technology which is robust over many years and which meets the requirements of the livestock regarding cost-benefit ratio and the correct and proper application of liquid manure.


BAUER slurry tankers guarantee durability and stability of value.  Reliability, and tankers which are adapted to the geographical conditions of use, give the Bauer slurry tankers their well known image. The premium tankers are available as vacuum-, combi or pump tankers. The very low center predestines these types for mountain regions and leads to an incomparable follow-up behavior.

Original BAUER technology - all from one source

The Bauer Group, the synergy advantage. Based on the high percentage of in-house construction and production share, Bauer offers perfectly coordinated tanker components. For this reason, the production of components within the Bauer Group offers a high level of technological advancement.

  • BAUER compressors made in Austria
  • Our own tanker production
  • Steel tank production of seam processing

Development and design

Based on well proven technology, our experienced construction engineers design new components and equipment. BAUER slurry tankers are designed in 3D on CAD and therefore the spare parts supply is also guaranteed even after many years.  Field tests and load tests make each prototype ready for mass production.

Your confidence is based on our experience.