Low maintenance - robust - economical

Bauer slurry tankers offer long service life and high value-stability. Our high-quality standard equipment can be customized with a wide range of accessories.

Safety for compressor and tanker

The spring-loaded dome cover regulates the pressure within the tank. Ball valves within the dome and the siphon offer double safety against the intrusion of slurry into the compressor. In addition, the siphon serves as oil separator. Over and underpressure can be read from the mano vacuum meter. A self-emptying 30 litre siphon is mounted from compressor size B83.

BAUER Steel Tank

A special seam process is used to bead the single steel rings, which are then assembled with hydraulic presses. Afterwards, the joints are welded by robot. This guarantees a high-quality and an optically perfect weld seam. The tank gains a high degree of vacuum stability due to the existing double wall thickness in the beam area. There is no need for customary reinforcement rings. Thus, the accumulation of left over slurry remains is prevented thanks to the smooth interior of the tank.

The standard hot galvanization according to DIN EN ISO 1461 guarantees permanent protection against corrosion.

Original Bauer B33 and B83 compressors - the heart of the Bauer slurry tanker

  • high performance
  • silent by the use of low-speed motor
  • environmentally friendly through low oil consumption
  • durable by lubricating during vacuum and pressure operation
  • forced lubrication by oil pump