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Standard extent of supply up to V63T / V74T

  • self supporting steel container hot dip galvanized, Ø1400 mm
  • bottom of the tanker is movable 
  • running through angular frame
  • 1 baffle plate
  • blind flange in the front left and right 
  • Standard high toe with supporting wheel 
  • Tandem axle Boogie laminated spring, 4 wheel brake
  • hydraulic brake 4 cylinders either via tipper / pedal connection 
  • Automatic brake lever as service and parking brake 
  • Orig. BAUER-compressos with automatic lubrication for 540 min-1
  • Over pressure -safety valve 2" with blow-off hose
  • Overflow protection in the dome with springloaded dome lid as a second over pressure valve 
  • Monovacuum meter 
  • Original Bauer Siphon galvanized DN 60
  • Suction connection with ventilation cock and quick coupler mounted in the front on the left 
  • Distribution valve hydraulic with gas spring cylinder (1xEW)
  • Filling level indicator 
  • Hose storage hooks on both sides
  • 3-chamber lighting with galvanized protection cover 

Standard accessories:

  • Spreader body HK 159 with wide distributor nozzle Ø 60mm
  • Suction line 6", 5,5m divided for quick coupler (SK), - 2m hose, 3,5m tube
  • PTO shaft wide angle unilateral 1010

VACUUM TANKER V77T / V81T Standard

 additionally to "standard extent of supply vacuum tanker tandem up to V63T / V74T"

  • container diameter  Ø1500mm
  • unviersal attachment device for spreader systems  
  • sprader body  HK 159 with distribution nozzle Ø 60mm

Item No. Article (l)  
6830077 Fass V77T B63 16.0/70-20 7700 16.0/70-20 12PR AW 705 HK 159 / 6"

Fass V77T B63 16.0/70-20

12PR Profil AW 705 BKT Spur 1950/10Rb mit Zubehör

Weight: not available
Product group: 41